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Community and Economy

The complete ecosystem of Racer's Utopia is a heavily integrated gaming medium with the blockchain allowing the players and users to experience the best of both worlds. The game comprises social engagement opportunities like Racing clubs that the members of the project can create and join. Joining or creating a racing club has its own set of privileges like getting access to exclusive events, interacting with like-minded members, and much more. There are different sources and opportunities through which members of the Racer's Utopia community can earn.


Every transaction made with the CarKey token attracts a 5% Buy/Sell tax, out of which 2% is redistributed back to the members of the community. This option enables the players and members of the community to start earning as a part of their venture with the system.


The complete momentum of the game is based on in-game reward opportunities that are spread throughout the game. The in-game opportunities are specifically designed to give the members a chance to experience high-end realistic graphical gaming and at the same time earn rewards from experiencing it.


Engagement in a community-based project is vital and that is one of the major reasons why there are multiple tournaments and events spread across the gaming horizon of Racer's Utopia. Every tournament based on the format has rewards that users get rewarded which can be anything from CarKey tokens to NFTs.


Racer's Utopia has its very own native marketplace that is a host to a wide range of NFT collections based on racing. Each NFT in the marketplace can be used to either trade an NFT, exchange for rewards in the game, and much more. Apart from the trading aspect, NFTs in Racer's Utopia can also be used to generate income streams within the game. Players and members are given options like renting out their Car-based NFTs to earn CarKey tokens in exchange. The biggest difference that sets Racer's Utopia from other community-based games on the blockchain is the ability of each member to create a unique persona for themselves. With the in-game rewards and opportunities, each member can level up accordingly and earn more with resources that are available within the game.