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Racer's Utopia's gameplay is based on the modern technologies seen in cars and racing games. The complete gameplay allows members to create their persona within the game, which they can update and tweak based on the rewards that they receive from winning tournaments and events. They can also customize their persona's accordingly to gain access to racing clubs of their liking.
The motive of Racer's Utopia is to enable the players to build the best-performing cars using the in-game reward opportunities. Once the build is complete, they can test it with the AI and from there proceed with challenging other players on the metaverse to events. The players are exposed to various gaming formats like short-formats, long-lap races, and much more. The players can also participate in events conducted by racing clubs within the metaverse which is aimed at building a harmonious community.
The player can choose between the first-person mode or third-person control modes. The controls of the game are click-based or touch-based based on the form factor that the player uses. They also have in-game communication channels that the members can use to communicate with other members on the metaverse.
The gameplay is designed to not only attract car-racing enthusiasts but also the general gaming audience and the audience set that is interested in blockchain-based play to earn gaming formats on the metaverse.