Social Clubs and Interactions

The biggest advantage of Racer's utopia apart from providing the players with an amazing gaming experience on the metaverse is the immense opportunities that are based on social interactions. The complete metaverse of Racer's Utopia contains a variety of racing clubs and crew battles that the players can choose from. The racing clubs that are available within the metaverse allow the players to associate themselves with people with similar interests in the racing world. The racing clubs can have multiple criteria and eligibilities for new members and the rules lies at the discretion of the club members.
Racing Club based events in racer's utopia allow the player to explore more and experience team-level gaming on the metaverse. There are a lot of advantages that come with being a part of a racing club in the game.
a. The player gets to interact with fellow racing club members, assist them in races, build rides and test them out together before they compete against other racing clubs.
b. The player also gets the privilege of exchanging NFTs with fellow members of the club. However, they are restricted to only exchanging NFTs for NFTs and cannot trade for Carkey tokens.
c. Any win that a racing club makes adds points and placement to the club when compared to other racing clubs on the metaverse making it a much more team-oriented game if you prefer it than single-player mode.
Crew battles:
Apart from racing clubs and respective events, there are crew battles that happen across the metaverse of Racer's Utopia. To take part in a crew battle gaming mode, the player must be a part of a racing club. Different formats are available within the crew battle mode.