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NFT Collections

Racer's Utopia has a wide range of NFT collections which players can either purchase from their native marketplace or trade/exchange their NFTs with other players for services on the metaverse. The concept of NFT is a great way for the players to earn money on the Racer's Utopia universe and with an amazing collection of NFTs ranging from car-based NFTs to race-track blueprint NFTs, there is a lot to choose from. The NFT collections that are available throughout the game represent various elements seen in a racing game.
Rare the NFT, high are your chances of earning better.

Car NFTs

The Car NFT is probably one of the most common and evident NFTs that you can see across the game. There are 60 unique models of cars that are available which the users can customize using 30 unique colors and 60 attractive skins. The number of car-based NFTs that are available in the metaverse of Racer's Utopia is nearly 7800 in total which will be made available to the users through the minting process at an IGO event. The amount of NFTs present in this category is subject to increase after every upgrade release cycle.


Racetrack NFTs are probably one of the most interesting NFTs, a player on the Racer's Utopia metaverse can own. The Racer's Utopia contains a total of 30 different terrains which are further subdivided into 30 pieces of land giving the players an option to choose from 900 different racing track blueprint NFTs. Holding a racing track blueprint NFT means the player is eligible to receive car race fees for racing events that happen on these tracks in the form of CarKey tokens. Blueprint NFT collectibles will get upgraded every time there is an upgrade according to the requirements of the community giving the player more opportunities to generate passive income.

GasStation NFTs

GasStation NFTs are the second-best way in Racer's utopia to earn a passive income. Every player on the Racer's Utopia metaverse needs fuel to race, either with the AI or their counterparts on the metaverse. The one who owns a gas station NFT will start receiving gas fees every time another player on the metaverse uses the gas station to fill up their tanks. This helps the player with two things, be the owner of an NFT that is only 50 in total number and at the same time, have a reliable source of passive income as the whole community would depend on these gas stations to refill their cars. However, owning a gas station NFT means it requires the player to own four Car NFTs out of which at least one car is rated more than three stars. This means that a person who has at least a little experience in racing and trading in the metaverse will be eligible to purchase a gas station NFT.

WorkShop NFTs

Every player on the Racer's Utopia will have to upgrade their cars to stay on trend and attend exclusive events and at the same time build powerful customizations to earn more carkey token rewards. This means that they will have to rely on a workshop to get their ride upgraded and tuned. Every Car NFT holder has to maintain their ride after every race or else soon their build will become redundant to be used for races. The workshop NFTs can be bought by players by taking part in exclusive tournaments that happen across racer's utopia. The owners of the NFT can earn passive income from the carkey tokens fees collected for repairs, customizations, and maintenance. There is a total of 30 workshop NFTs available throughout the game and getting one for yourself depends on the number of exclusive tournaments that you be a part of and win.

Car Rental NFTs

Car rental NFTs as the name implies allow the owner to rent out their cars to other players on Racer's Utopia for a fee. There is only a total of 200 car rental NFTs that the players can own and to own a car rental NFT, the player must own at least 5 cars where at least one car should be three-star rated.