RacersUtopia has a team of 26+ members having great expertise in their areas of work. Let us meet CORE TEAM.
LIAM: CEO/Co-founder More than 9+ years in software/product management. More than 5 years working in Dapp and blockchain Development. Worked as CTO in 2 Big Blockchain projects. Telegram: @liam_racersutopia Email: [email protected]
THEO: CTO Fullstack and Devops with 8+ years of experience in software engineering. More than 5+ years of experience in many big blockchain projects. Has been teaching Blockchain for 2.5 years globally. Telegram: @Theo_racersutopia Email: [email protected]
AVINASH: CMO Has more than 7 years of experience in business administration and marketing, of which 4+ years of experience in community communication. Used to manage communities with thousands of members and organize medium to large scale online and offline events. Telegram: @cmo_racersutopia Email: [email protected]
AMELIA: CFO A Chief Financial Officer with 12+years of experience, successful at building and leading a high performance finance organization for a top Fintech company. Combines strategic and tactical financial expertise with strong qualifications in business development, operations P&L management and corporate governance. Telegram: @CFO_racersutopia Email: cfo@racersutopia
WEISHENG: DESIGN HEAD Digital art enthusiast, master of vector graphics with mind-blowing ideas and design solutions. Email: weisheng@racersutopia